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The Church of South India (C. S. I.) is the largest Protestant denomination in the country having 5 million members and decentralized into  24 dioceses, spanning over all the south Indian states. Four different church traditions – Anglican (Episcopal), Congregational, Presbyterian and Methodist – have come together in forming CSI. CSI at present has churches in most part the world and in North America, 30 churches were formed over a half century. 

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The Council of the Church of South India Congregations in North America is the national body representing the CSI Churches in North America. It was formed by the CSI Synod and functions under the direct supervision of the synod. The Moderator of CSI is the president of the council and all other office bearers are elected by the member churches in North America.

The Council had its humble beginnings on December 10, 1994 and now it’s entering into the Silver Jubilee Year. 

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